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Buying Tickets

Dear customers!

We are glad to present to you our Buying Tickets section.

We are offering a product that is unique for Russia: a four-class cabin configuration.

We are thoughtful towards every social stratum, so we have devised unique possibilities for absolutely any customer.

That being said, all of our flights are served by the most advanced Boeing airliners and the latest Russian passenger aircraft, the Tu-214.

Our Imperial Cabin will suit the most demanding audiences.

Our Business Cabin provides the best conditions for business customers and those people who appreciate maximum comfort.

Our Premium Economy Cabin provides increased leg space and is especially comfortable for long-haul flights. It suits the middle class.

Our Tourist Economy fare is comparable to the price of a train ticket. It is affordable for virtually any customer.

You get to choose.

No matter what choice you make, Transaero will always transport you to your destination quickly, safely and comfortably!

Tickets for Transaero flights can be purchased on our website, at Transaero ticket offices, and from our authorized agents.

Please be aware that purchasing tickets from private individuals or a website without contact details carries a certain risk.

TRANSAERO will offer the lowest available fare for which the customers are eligible for the date, flight and class of service requested on our Web site (

Our Web site provides customers with special fares promotions not available in sales agencies. Therefore passengers are free to choose the most suitable fare.